P-5 Mathematics Endorsement: Impact and Lessons Learned
Authors: Linda Gilbert, Michael Hughes, Kathy Miller

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5. Conclusions

This study suggests that completing the P-5 Mathematics Endorsement resulted in the following impacts.

  • The teachers' mathematics content knowledge increased.

  • The teachers' practices changed to better reflect the standards-based instructional model explicit in the K-5 mathematics GPS.

  • The teachers developed higher expectations for students' ability to learn sophisticated grade-level appropriate mathematics.

  • Many of the teachers assumed new leadership roles in their schools' mathematics programs.

  • Student engagement in mathematics learning increased through increased thinking, talking, and writing about mathematics.

  • Contextual factors affecting successful implementation of the classes included making modifications due to institutional barriers, addressing teacher perceptions of relevance, and providing incentives.

  • Contextual factors affecting implementation in the classroom include state, school, and individual influences.