P-5 Mathematics Endorsement: Impact and Lessons Learned
Authors: Linda Gilbert, Michael Hughes, Kathy Miller

3. Design, Data & Analysis
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3. Design, Data & Analysis
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The study was conducted by two members of the PRISM evaluation team; one an internal evaluator, the other a regional evaluation liaison. Data, both quantitative and qualitative, were collected from course instructors and course takers using multiple methods, which included:

  • Pre-and post content assessments completed by members of all cohorts

  • Group interviews with course instructors and teachers in cohorts one and two

  • Questionnaire completed by teachers in cohorts one and two

  • Observations in the classrooms of five teachers in cohorts one and two

  • Follow-up focus group with teachers from one school who had participated as a group.

  • Follow-up interviews with teachers who were the only ones from their school taking the courses. (In progress.)