P-5 Mathematics Endorsement: Impact and Lessons Learned
Authors: Linda Gilbert, Michael Hughes, Kathy Miller

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2. Claims Examined
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This study, a component of the evaluation of PRISM, had three purposes.

  • First, test the hypothesis that elementary-school teachers who earn the P-5 mathematics endorsement (a) increase their knowledge and understanding of important mathematics required to effectively teach the K-5 mathematics GPS, and (b) change their teaching practices in ways that make those practices more reflective of the standards-based approach implicit in the GPS.

  • Second, identify other impacts of earning the endorsement.

  • Third, explain the greater success achieved by Northeast Georgia PRISM compared to other PRISM regions in recruiting and retaining participants in the endorsement program.

  • Finally, explore contextual factors relating to implementation in the classroom.

These claims relate directly to PRISM's goals.